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Hello, everybody! This is well……. a blog.  I will be writing about gaming, art, my life and it’s boringness, etc. I might even have some fun contests. I’m a geek and I really like to sit on my computer not move and play video games. Hopefully, you enjoy what I write and find it entertaining.


iPhone X (Or apparently called the 10

So recently the iPhone X came out. I myself like tech stuff. Especially Apple Products, so I was REALLY EXCITED. The iPhone X has NO Home button 😦 . It is All screen except for a small notch on the top. I like the phone. But i probably won’t get it. Why? BECAUSE IT’S LIKE $1400 DOLLARS! So yea… Bye!Unknown.jpegThis is the phone ————————>

My Art

So i told you guys that i would talk about art and show you peeps my LIT art. So that’s what i’m showing you today  



It’s a kinda beach themed girl. I saw someone’s Youtube Icon and it inspired me to draw this. I hope you like it.

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I need ideas

Hiya! So I have this talent show coming up at school and I need your help. We are now apparently getting marked on our performance and have to do one in class. We can also then perform in the actual show. For the actual show, i’m doing a comedy act (I don’t know why i just am). But for what I’m getting marked on, I want to do something different but don’t know what. What should I do? Comment down below some ideas because I have no idea what to do. Thanks for the help!